RSS feeds with a social community twist


  • Can import your current RSS feeds
  • Warns you every time there are new items


  • Not many users so far
  • RSS search tool doesn't work properly

Not bad

Mindity is an innovative RSS reader that enables you not only to access your favorite feeds, but also share them with an active user community.

In fact, Mindity looks like an IM application rather than a RSS client, with quite a long interface and an associated program icon on the System Tray. It even displays small warning windows on the bottom right corner every time there are new posts published on the RSS feeds you're subscribed to.

The good thing about Mindity is that you can easily import all of your subscriptions by loading the OPML file of your current RSS client (in Google Reader, for example, this option is located under Settings > Import/Export). I'm glad this importing tool worked seamlessly, especially since I wasn't able to find any other RSS feeds in the program's embedded search engine. Feeds are then listed on the program interface, displaying only the first few lines of each entry. If you want to read the whole item, just click on it and it'll open on a separate window.

Despite its focus on the social side, Mindity wasn't very successful in that aspect either. The only way to find new friends is by knowing their nickname, with no possibility to search for them by language, location or areas of interest, to name a few possibilities.

Mindity intends to be an RSS tool based on a social community, but the lack of users and an inefficient search engine makes it just a standard feed reader.

Mindity is a personalized newsfeed service that serves a community of web users by enabling them to explore the "Really Simple Syndication" (RSS) space on a single platform across a variety of feed formats. It is designed for people who want to stay on top of the news and never miss the latest and hottest stories, wherever their interests may lie.

Mindity is not just an RSS reader. It is a network of people participating in the reading, sharing and rating of information gleaned from a host of published sources on the web. Mindity makes it easy to find like-minded people, webblogs and stories that are tailored to your interests and preferences. The Mindity network tracks your reading habits without compromising your privacy and gives you only the most relevant information, in real time.

In addition, Mindity is totally impartial and objective as it shows dynamically what news stories people are actually reading and voting for at any moment in time.

Mindity can prove a major bonus to new blog owners, by giving less known blogs a huge popularity boost. It only takes a handful of people to read and vote for a blog for Mindity’s recommendation algorithm to pick it up and offer the resource to a much wider community.




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